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Learning to Walk in the Dark

What sells magazines? One only has to take a glance at the publications on offer at the checkout counter in the grocery store to answer that question. At least three things seem to sell magazines…. Royalty. One can most always see photos of the British royals on display.Sex. “Who was in bed with who?” is a perennially favorite topic.Religion. Though this topic is not as popular as the other two, the tabloids do take an interest in the fall of a popular preacher, which seems to happen often enough.
Now, if you mix these three topics together, then you have a bestseller on your hands. That is precisely what we have in the next story in Mark’s Gospel. Listen to the words of the Gospel from Mark 6:14-29…. King Herod heard of it, for Jesus’ name had become known. Some were saying, “John the baptizer has been raised from the dead; and for this reason these powers are at work in him.” But others said, “It is Elijah.” And others said, “It is a prophet, like one of the prophets of old.” But when …
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Six Marks of Jesus' Disciples

In the town of Stepanavan, Armenia, there is a woman whom everyone calls “Palasan’s Wife”. She has her own name, of course, but townspeople call her by her husband’s name to show her great honor.
When the devastating 1988 earthquake struck Armenia, it was nearly noon, and Palasan was at work. He rushed to the elementary school where his son was a student. The fa├žade was already crumbling, but he entered the building and began pushing children outside to safety. After Palasan had managed to help twenty-eight children out, an aftershock hit that completely collapsed the school building and killed him.
So the people of Stapanavan honor his memory and his young widow by calling her Palasan’s wife.
Sometimes a person’s greatest honor is not who he or she is but to whom he or she is related. The highest honor of any Christian is to be called a disciple of Jesus Christ, the One who laid down his life for us.[1]
Today we are going to examine six marks of the disciples of Jesus from Mark 6:6-13. L…